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    Asbestos Series
    Class Fiber Series
    Porcelain Ceramics
    Legal person:Mr. Gan Endong
    Tel: +86-5357640298
    Fax: +86-5357640298
    Introduction Laiyang Hongwei Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a biggest privatelyowned manufacturer specializing in producing asbestos, ceramic fiber, bulgy glass fiber yarn, fabric for frictional materials. It is located in Jiaodong peninsula, Shandong province,100 kilometers from Qingdao city in the South, 100 kilometers from Yantai city in the east. The company has its own water supply system, 500KV transformer and complete residential, communication and office facilities. The total area of the factory reaches up to 100,000 square meters and its building area is 52,000 square meters. Possessing 860 staff, we have a number of excellent managers and technical professionals. We are planning to increase product yields by improving technology, adjust product configuration to meet the growing demands in automotive and mechanical industry. 2. Tenet of cooperation We would like to cooperate with domestic and overseas partners by JV or other methods of collaboration, jointly develop and manufacture non-asbestine brake band, brake lining and other similar products. We hope to build advanced technical equipment system and improve management level with our joint effort to achieve mutual benefits.
    Company: Laiyang Hongwei Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Add: Industrial park, Jiangtuan town, Laiyang city, Shandong
    Zip code: 265222
    Legal person: Mr. Gan Endong
    Tel: +86-535-7640298
    Fax: +86-535-7640298
    E-mail: hongwei@hongwei-sd.com
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